Coral Nursery Tree
Photo Credit: Dr. Lyza Johnston

Saipan Coral Nursery Pilot Project 

Funding Type: Contract
Funding Recipient: JAMS Project Partners: Division of Coastal Resources Management and Division of Fisheries and Wildlife
Funding: NOAA PIRO

Johnston Applied Marine Sciences with support from federal and local government agencies, developed the first coral nursery pilot project in the CNMI. The nursery currently contains the first listed species in the Pacific (Acropora globiceps), as well as, Acropora muricata, Acropora aspera, Acropora pulchra, Acropora abrotanoides, and Acropora globiceps. A combination of lagoonal and forereef species were selected for the pilot, with an obvious emphasis on staghorn species. Lessons learned form the Carribbean pointed JAMS toward, the “tree” structure, but funding has been granted for “table” structures as well. The nursery currently contains 650 fragments, with room for 2000.

MINA removing marine debris (sheet metal) from Tinian harbor
Photo Credit: Sowm Kaipat
Removal of Marine Debris from Typhoon Yutu in Coastal Areas of Saipan and Tinian Conservation (CNMI)

Funding Type: Grant
Grantee and Project Partner: Mariana Islands Nature Alliance
Grantor: NFWF and NOAA, Hurricane Response Marine Debris Removal Fund

Assess, remove and dispose of marine debris from Typhoon Yutu, in Tinian Harbor. Project will remove marine debris to prevent further damage to coral reef and other sensitive coastal habitats.



Reef Restoration in CNMI for Coastal Protection
Coral Bleaching
Photo Credit: Dr. Lyza Johnston

Funding Type: Grant
Grantee and Project Partner: SymbioSeas
Grantor: NFWF Emergency Coastal Resilience Fund

Develop a framework for identifying and prioritizing candidate sites to implement coral reef restoration in Saipan. Project will assess restoration need, restoration feasibility, and likelihood of short and long-term coral survivorship.

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